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Resume Consulting $135/hr

For those seeking guidance by the hour from the "World's Best Resume Writer", in terms of restrategizing and upgrading their resume and career.

Perhaps you're changing careers, re-entering the workforce, transitioning out of the military, shifting roles, juggling objectives, lacking focus, or facing a non-linear work history. You need advice and coaching by the hour from the best resume writer in the game.

Cliff Flamer, our executive director, holds national certification as both a resume writer and career counselor, but perhaps his most relevant achievement is winning the peoples' choice award for CDI's "The World's Best Resume Writer Competition". He's literally the world's best, with the training, expertise, and infectious enthusiasm to help you remember and acknowledge great things about yourself with the goal of restructuring your career, not just your resume. You'll gain insight into what hiring managers look for and learn exactly how to augment your approach so that it wins you job offers.

It's easy to fill an hour talking about your resume so you'll want to take diligent notes as you develop strategies specific to your field and job search. There's no resume question to which Cliff doesn't know the answer. So take the guesswork out of the resume creation process and talk to the world's best.

Phone consultations typically last from 1-2 hours.

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Resume Writing $135/hr

For those looking for a by-the-hour resume writing service to rewrite their existing resume (without talking to us first) or update a completed resume.

The ideal resume will not only get you to the interview; it will help you through the interview, by preemptively and comprehensively answering the hiring team's questions about your work history. With no further reason to discuss your resume, your interviewers will take the time to get to know you in hopes of developing a rapport. This is exactly the direction in which you want the interview to go.

We'll make sure your resume contains all the necessary elements that demand attention and inspire action. First, we'll craft an introductory summary section--the key to producing a cohesive, persuasive marketing document. Then, we'll build in compelling job-duty descriptions and benefit-oriented accomplishment statements that hook your audience. We know the tricks of the trade in terms of overcoming every single job history challenge that exists. Hand off the headache to the experts. We got you covered.

Resume rewrites typically take 2-6 hours to complete; Resume updates vary in price depending on how much experience we're adding and whether you've changed job objectives.

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Resume Polishing $135/hr

For those who are happy with their resume's content but seeking to improve its overall appearance, including its layout, look and feel, grammar, and spelling.

An effective resume will truly make you look good on paper which is why we've developed a finishing service focused entirely on perfecting the appearance of your document(s).

The appearance of your resume is critical-it sets the stage for how the hiring manager is going to read through your content. If your resume's "look and feel" is pleasing, he/she will review it with the hopes of finding data that strengthens your candidacy. However, if your resume is confusing, cluttered, unbalanced, amateurish, or drab (even at a glance), that person will most likely begin searching your resume for a reason to dismiss you.

We'll dramatically enhance your resume's appearance by addressing visual issues such as margins, balance, alignment, justification, pagination, word and line spacing, and size and selection of bullets and fonts. We'll highlight important sections of your resume through graphical elements such as rule lines, text boxes, shadow boxes, shading, tables, columns, and other advanced word-processing tricks.

The BrightSide Resume Polish will also resolve mechanical awkwardness such as grammatical errors, misspellings, typographical inconsistencies, punctuation problems, and tense agreement. It's our job to know all of the rules you've tried to forget since grade school: semi-colons, hyphens, serial commas, quotation marks, capitalization, syllabication. Don't worry; we got you covered.

Your resume will become both attractive and impeccably consistent, glowing with personality and professionalism. Have a look at our collection of resume samples to see how beautiful your resume can look.

Resume Polishes usually take 1-3 hours to complete, depending on your level of experience and the current state of your resume

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