Gen Y’ers Create New “Happy” Unemployment Group

The CBS news covered an interesting story on a support group that promotes the positive side of being unemployed. Recent generation-Y layoff victims claim liberation and relief from their jobs. With their new-found freedom they’re joining a different kind of support group called LaidOff Camps.

These groups are rebelling against the traditional mode of getting guest speakers and spewing off elevator speeches to one another over Triscuits and coffee. Instead, they’re looking to collaborate as entrepreneurs and visionaries to come up with the next best thing. As reported by CBS, these “unconferences” are completely spontaneous and require no prep before hand. Just show up at a nightclub, have a rum and coke and share your ideas.

It’s not about networking to find the right employer; it’s about mind-melding to create the next life-changing startup.

Try it out. It’s your chance to make history with a total stranger.

Stay on the BrightSide.

21 February 2009 | Career Transition, Networking, Uncategorized | Comments