Cliff Flamer, Owner of BrightSide Resumes, Named “World’s Best Resume Writer” After Winning Contest

Press Release: Cliff Flamer, seasoned résumé writer and owner of BrightSide Résumés, wins #1 public vote for crafting the world’s best résumé.

San Francisco, CA — Cliff Flamer, résumé expert and career counselor, was just deemed The World’s Best Résumé Writer” after winning the public vote for the first-ever worldwide résumé-writing contest sponsored by Career Director’s International (CDI).

So what makes his résumés the world’s best?

“The story,” says Flamer, who’s been writing résumés since 2001 via BrightSide Résumés ( “Every person has a unique story to tell—the twists and turns in their work history, the timing and pattern of their achievements, the emergence of new credentials, even the time off with their kids—it all comes through on the résumé. And when presented right, you create a compelling, real, and always flattering story.”

The contest was open to 14 countries but the majority of entrants came from the US as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland.

“We wanted to find out who the best résumé writer was,” says CDI President Laura DeCarlo, the mastermind behind the competition. “Not just among our members, not just among certified résumé writers, but across the entire English-speaking world. Who really is the best?”

Contestants were given a standardized candidate profile and matching fictional job listing from which to draft a targeted résumé. Their work was then judged by a cross-functional panel of human resources directors, organizational development consultants, senior recruiters, career association directors, job board founders, and a couple of senior résumé writers.

“There’s never been a contest like this before,” says DeCarlo. “This time the judges are actual résumé evaluators—the same discerning executives who’ve screened thousands of résumés to fill real-world jobs.”

Following a 2-month submission period, the panel selected the 3 most outstanding résumés in appearance, content, and strategy. These top 3 résumés were then posted anonymously online, inviting the general public to have the final say in the public-vote portion of the competition—much like the hit reality show, “American Idol”.

Over the next 2 weeks, votes poured in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online community forums and professional organizations. Flamer took a sizeable lead halfway through the competition and finished the race with a 60-point buffer. His artfully crafted résumé inspired blog comments that were unanimously in his favor:

“The only writer I’d consider hiring to write my résumé… the best to quickly skim and get the idea of what the person has accomplished…. by far the best…easy to read, succinct, and most notably [putting] the individual’s best foot forward…It had flow and easily allowed you to see accomplishments while giving you the option of reviewing them in more depth… hands-down the best!”

In addition to his trophy, certificate, and coveted logo (now posted proudly at his website), world-leading résumé writer, Cliff Flamer, treasures this unsolicited commentary, which seemed almost tailor-made to his victory.

“I’m honored to have been selected by such an elite panel of judges, but what better landmark for success than reading the unbiased praise from the very people who make up my client base. When it comes to résumés, I write for three people,” muses Flamer. “My client, the employer, and myself. Winning this competition means I’ve satisfied the needs of all three audiences.”


15 April 2009 | Career Transition, Job Market, Press, Resumes | Comments