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Real Men Go On Antique House Tours

I’ve driven through Dunsmuir tons of times on my way to Oregon. Now I know (or at least I think I know) where that name comes from.

Nestled in the urban delights of Oakland, is a plantation-like estate more akin to the humid flats of Savannah: the Dunsmuir house.

Built by none other than Alexander Dunsmuir in honor of his scandalous love for his friend’s wife, this house boasts 37 rooms, 12 fireplaces, and 16,224 square feet of living space. For 2 people. And their guests of course. Continue reading this entry »

11 September 2009 | Get To Know Cliff | 2 Comments

One Foot In Front Of The Other… But Faster

We all have our never-say-nevers. Mine’s jogging. The only time I run in public is when I’m trying to catch something, get away from something, or win something. Walking slow exemplifies my life philosophy: Relax, chill, enjoy the moment, and get what you need to do done.

Jogging would surely contradict this worldview.

Ah well, it’s time… Continue reading this entry »

5 September 2009 | Get To Know Cliff | 2 Comments

Something New: Finding “First Times” Once A Week

A client of mine gave me an idea, and, seeing as her job was to literally move mountains (if you equate mega-corporations with mountains and note that she managed building relocations and renovations for these bloated, burgeoning beasts), I was ready to take her advice.

I do something new every week, she said. Doesnt matter what it is. Big or small. Just something new.

Something new.

Im down. Im a junkie for a new experience. Lets see how long I can last.

Eagerly & Beaverily,

5 September 2009 | Get To Know Cliff | Comments Off on Something New: Finding “First Times” Once A Week