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3 Steps to Make Your Online Resume A Winner

* Voted “Best Answer” in LinkedIn Discussion: Is Applying for Jobs Online a Waste of Time?

I agree with the overwhelming response of careerists to spend time networking and doing company research as a job seeker, instead of posting resumes. The facts are there: online job applications account fro 2-5% of job offers.

That said, if you find a suitable company through your networking and research, chances are they are going to ask you to apply online, even if you claim an inside contact. So you’re stuck being just one more needle in the hiring person’s haystack. Here are some quick tips to make your online resume stand out from the rest of the chaff: Continue reading this entry »

29 December 2008 | LinkedIn's Best Answers, Resumes | 1 Comment

Gift Ideas for the Unemployed

It’d be great if you could go out and buy a job at Walmart for someone you love but, unless you know something I don’t, retailers aren’t stocking their shelves with job requisitions (yet).

The closest you can come to giving someone a job, is giving them someone that can give them a job. Continue reading this entry »

16 December 2008 | Job Market, Networking | Comments Off on Gift Ideas for the Unemployed

BrightSide places 2nd in Jobacle’s Resume-Writing Challenge

Jobacle, an innovative career development portal led by Journalist/Writer/Podcaster/Blogger Andrew G. R., invited resume writers to compete in creating a resume for his job-search arsenal.

Although we didn’t take home the gold, instead placing second, a case could be made that BrightSide got the most positive and enthusiastic commentsfor from both the staff at Jobacle and the general public, including a podcast declaration from Andrew himself that he’ll definitely be using his new BrightSide resume if and when his search for work commences.

Check out all of the entrants in this one-of-a-kind contest to read about the diverse range of resume writers’ processes, qualifications, and perspectives. This is perfect cross-section of our industry, a rare insight indeed, into how we work and why we do what we do.

Stay on the BrightSide.

15 December 2008 | Resumes | Comments Off on BrightSide places 2nd in Jobacle’s Resume-Writing Challenge