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5 reasons to work with BrightSide.

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Top Credentials.

Our CEO Cliff Flamer is a former Silicon Valley recruiter, multi-credentialed national resume writer, and career coach with a master’s degree in Career Counseling and bachelor's degree in English. He has been brightening the careers of job-seekers for years. Here’s his full story.

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Rockstar Team.

We’re small and we like it that way. Although BrightSide has been solidly booked 2-6 weeks out for a while now, we’ve opted not to scale beyond our lead writer/coach, a super-powered project manager, a couple of eagle-eyed editors, an IT guy, some LinkedIn pros, and a finance/operations manager. Our service is excellent, and we really get to know you.

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Highly Customized Experience.

Everything we do is personalized. Whether we’re building you a resume or facilitating your career transition, we start with you and work from there. We have a lot of experience and training to fall back on and a lot of advice to give, but we come to you unassuming, without preconceived ideas as to who you are or what solution will work best for you.

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Fun, Easy, and Deep Process.

We’ve designed a process that uses the right balance of self-paced career assessments, 1:1 coaching, web collaboration, and well-thought-out worksheets to keep you engaged and inspired. We’ll dig deep. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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At BrightSide, we get people into jobs. We never grow tired of receiving grateful emails and reviews talking about interviews, offers, salary increases, and the first day at a dream job. Our clients are consistently amazed by how different things are after their BrightSide experience. You, too, can find renewed enthusiasm for your life and career.

Life is Good

A note from our CEO.

Why we're so happy.

Here's the thing: as part of our job, we get to find out who you are, and we do it through a process that's different from every conversation you've had. Seriously, how many people invite you to talk about your work for an hour... and really want to listen?

Tell us how you spend your days… what you think about when you leave at night… what's there for you when you show up… and what's missing.

Your story is worth talking about.

There's truth in your achievements, a narrative to uncover. It's energizing to be a part of your important work, to give way to change, and make things happen for you.

Your story is waiting to be discovered.
Let's get the world to notice.

Cliff Flamer
CEO of BrightSide Resumes
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